Inspection marking on 3D models
Innovation Offered

Traditional paper based mapping is inadequate for our future data needs.  Issues associated with:

  • Part complexity: Maps are confusing, inside vs outside surfaces,repetitive features
  • Low location accuracy
  • Low size accuracy
  • Difficult defect identification
  • Current computer systems are not user friendly
  • Time requirement for collection
  • Trending capabilities


Inspect Tracker was developed to provide an accurate and efficient method of part mapping, enabling manufacturing effectiveness and relevant data capture on a 3D model.  3D data is required for improvement and automation activities.


  • Mapping on inside and outside surfaces; translate to a 3D model
  • Minimize time required for operator to collect size and defect type
  • Provide data which can be mined and used for quality improvement efforts
  • Improves accuracy of location marking
  • Be capable of using in daylight and under black light


  • Leverage prior Radix expertise with tool tracking:
  • Use standard machine vision cameras and a newly developed “Smart Pen,” with tracking target, to track the physical location and area marked by an operator for rework.
  • Inspector enters defect data through voice commands allowing the operator to stay engaged with the part; no distractions entering data into a computer
  • Defects mapped can be viewed on a 3D model as a population, by defect type, or as trending across multiple part
  • Uses non-visible light sources ideal for dark rooms and inspection areas where inspectors eyes are essential



Industries Served
Consumer Products
Packaging - Consumer Products
Packaging - Food/Beverage
Stage of Development Available for demonstration
Company Radix Inc
Municipality Tecumseh
posted on Nov 28, 2016
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