Biomedical Phantoms for medical imaging
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True Phantom Solutions designs and creates bio-medical phantoms. Our lifelike phantoms are one-of-a-kind and made to mimic the acoustical, physical and mechanical properties of real biological tissues. Using 3D printing technology and synthetic material, the phantoms are made to be an exact model of anatomical structures.  The phantoms are fully customizable and able to suit any bio-medical project. Researchers no longer have to rely on human or animal subjects.

Biomedical phantoms are critically important for the development of innovative diagnostic imaging techniques, surgery treatment planning, and training of medical students. There exist moral issues in the field of medical science, specifically in the areas of research and experimentation.


Currently, our customers have two options for meeting their needs:

 1.    Spend money, time and personnel developing their own custom solutions

 2.    Rely on human or animal subjects

The first option is extremely inefficient, and can lead to poor results, since a typical custom solution can take years to reach maturity.

The second option is to use human or animal subjects. This solution require ethical approval and can lead serious injury or health risk.


Our solution is to use proprietary synthetic materials, advances in technologies such as 3D printing, and expertise in a variety of imaging technologies to develop a product that can answer the current gap in the industry.

The phantom addresses a variety of current needs and has the ability to make an impact on the prevention of health-disorders. There are three primary markets for these phantoms: the first being neurosurgeons who perform non-invasive neurosurgical HIFU procedures; the second target market is researchers/scientists who develop- new medical devices; and thirdly, medical and nursing students who require tools to practice their hands-on skills. 

Although there are medical phantoms available on the market, they are less advanced and lead to sub-optimal results in our customers’ work, which requires high-precision, anatomical accuracy and realism.

Currently, our most important customers are leading biomedical research institutions that are involved in ultrasound and MRI diagnostics and treatment research. This field is expanding, attracting a lot of business interest, and is projected to grow as a market.


The phantoms have 3 main advantages:

 1. The phantoms are true to life

 2.The phantoms are manufactured with great precision through the use of a novel 3D printing technology

 3.  The phantoms are customizable and the physical properties can be matched to any pathology and/or patient

1. The properties of our advanced synthetic formulas are true to their real biological counterparts (bone, skin, muscle, blood vessels). The synthetic materials used feel like real human tissue and give a true to life appearance. More importantly, the properties appear the same under objective imaging techniques, such as ultrasound.

2. Using current 3D printing technology and nanocomposites, phantoms can be created to match the physical dimensions and profile of any patient, thus allowing synthetic copies to be used for planning medical procedures.

3. Physical properties can be matched to any pathology and/or patient. Many dimensions of the phantom model can be customized including the mechanical, acoustic and X-Ray propagation properties to be matched exactly to any biological tissue specification.


A U.S. patent was filed for the bone material, which is MRI compatible.  The ultrasound, MRI and CT compatible phantoms are important tools in the development of innovative diagnostic imaging techniques as well as the testing and calibration of medical devices. Our product is superior to human cadavers as they have a longer shelf life and can reused for many years. Another way our products are superior to others is they are fully customizable and the user can request to add features such as aneurysms, foreign objects, realistic blood vessels among others. 

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posted on Feb 16, 2017
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