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We’re an upcoming digital health care company based at the EPICentre UWindsor.  We help employers tackle the rising cost of musculoskeletal disorders in the most engaging and effective ways possible.

 To give you an idea on Musculoskeletal disorders, they are the #1 contributor to productivity losses for employers. In addition to this there is a direct connection between depression and MSK pain and together they create a cycle that has profound impact on the lives of the employees. Below is a snapshot of how MSK negatively impacts the workplace.

  • 60% of depressed workers report functional impairment
  • Chronic MSK pain and depression are top reasons that employees use sick days or PTO
  • Up to 40% of sick days are for mental health issues
  • Employees that continue working at reduced ability, indirectly cost employers 3 times more than those who call in sick
  • And then there is cost associated with termination, recruiting and retraining

To sum it up, employees with MSK pain and depression increase healthcare utilization, disability claims absenteeism and are leading drivers for productivity losses. So the question is how do we tackle this problem? This where Sarjan Health comes into the picture. Our program is a comprehensive approach supported by multiple research publications. We have developed a digital MSK solution that breaks the cycle of pain and depression by addressing behavioural health with mental health screening, behavioral therapy intervention, 1:1 coaching and social support.

We're looking for pilot partners our new digital program. As part of our value proposition what we plan to achieve at the end of this pilot is:

  • Reduction In Absenteeism
  • Increase in Productivity
  • Reduction in Medical Spend
  • Increase in Safety

 Potentially leading to cost savings of more than $20,000 (Value based on rolling out the pilot with 10 people)  for the pilot partner at the end of the program and that too at no cost to the partner.


Industries Served
Computer/Business Equipment
Consumer Products
Hydraulic/Pneumatic Controls
Oil and Gas
Packaging - Consumer Products
Packaging - Food/Beverage
Transportation non-automotive
Solar Energy
Hydraulic tubing
Renewable energy
Food Processing
Stage of Development Available for demonstration
Company Sarjan Health
Municipality Windsor
posted on Apr 25, 2019
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