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Hi We’re an upcoming digital health care company based at the EPICentre UWindsor. We help employers tackle the rising cost of musculoskeletal disorders in the most engaging and effective ways possible. To give you an idea on Musculoskeletal disorders, they are the #1 contributor to productivity losses for employers. In addition to this there is a direct connection between depression and MSK pain and together they create a cycle that has profound impact on the lives of the employees. Be ...
by Sarjan Health posted: Apr 25, 2019
True Phantom Solutions designs and creates bio-medical phantoms. Our lifelike phantoms are one-of-a-kind and made to mimic the acoustical, physical and mechanical properties of real biological tissues. Using 3D printing technology and synthetic material, the phantoms are made to be an exact model of anatomical structures. The phantoms are fully customizable and able to suit any bio-medical project. Researchers no longer have to rely on human or animal subjects. Biomedical phantoms are cr ...
by True Phantom Solutions Inc. posted: Feb 16, 2017
The Fertigation Manager ™ is a computer controlled fertilizer injection machine that offers some of the latest computer technology with advanced software and instrumentation. The software program allows the user to set up multiple fertilizer recepies for various flower and vegetable crops. You can irrigate according to time schedule, solar accumulation Wm2 and root zone moisture levels. The Fertigation Manager can irrigate up to many different crops with each having their own feeding formu ...
by Climate Control Systems Inc posted: Feb 16, 2017
We are Splice Innovations, an innovation partner in Windsor looking for ideas and early stage start-ups in the tech sector. and are offering business partnerships to people or start-ups looking to expand We offer: -Business support, acumen and drive -Web and Mobile development -Financial support If you have a relevant project or early stage-idea, please reach out!
by Splice Innovations posted: Feb 16, 2017
RETICOM SOLUTIONS provide services in manufacturing and process control, including Motion control Measurement and monitoring systems Real-time and PC based measurement and control systems Vision and Laser based solutions Web-based solutions and software development
by Reticom Solutions posted: Nov 30, 2016
Traditional paper based mapping is inadequate for our future data needs. Issues associated with: Part complexity: Maps are confusing, inside vs outside surfaces,repetitive features Low location accuracy Low size accuracy Difficult defect identification Current computer systems are not user friendly Time requirement for collection Trending capabilities Goal Inspect Tracker was developed to provide an accurate and efficient method of part mapping, en ...
by Radix Inc posted: Nov 28, 2016
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